Adrenal Stress Effects

by Doug Cobb :: General Articles

The following is what you can expect to happen to you in the event of an attack. Training and experience can offset some of the negative responses, but even the best trained are not fully immune to these effects.

Before & During

  • Tunnel Vision (not seeing your surroundings)
  • Auditory Exclusion (e.g. not hearing your own gun fire)
  • Distorted perception of space and time (e.g. 3 seconds felt like 10 minutes)
  • Fixation on the attacker
  • Reflexive crouch (a natural, instinctive defensive posture)
  • Loss of ability to make fine motor moves (your body is on overdrive)
  • Increased ability to make gross motor moves (your body is on overdrive)
  • Loss of depth perception (hard to judge distance; most things of danger will appear closer than they actually are)
  • Adrenaline Flow