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Possible Reactions of Male and Female Incest or other Sexual Assault Survivors - Gendai Martial Arts

Possible Reactions of Male and Female Incest or other Sexual Assault Survivors

by Doug Cobb :: Healing Center

Note: I include this sections to illustrate the multitude of sometimes contradictory effects that sexual assault survivors experience. This list was created from several lists that compiled responses of many survivors, both male and female. Not all survivors necessarily experience all or even most of these.

  • Nightmares
  • Swallowing and gagging sensitivity (suffocation feelings)
  • Alienation from the body-poor body management. Manipulating body size to avoid sexual attention.
  • Fear that everyone is a potential attacker
  • Eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse; other addictions; compulsive behaviors
  • Self-destructiveness; skin carving; self-abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts, attempts, obsessions; Depression (sometimes paralyzing); seemingly baseless crying
  • Inability to express anger; fear of actual or imagined rage; constant anger
  • Intense hostility toward entire gender or ethnic group of the perpetuator
  • Depersonalization; going into shock, shutdown in crisis
  • A stressful situation is always a crisis; psychic numbing
  • Physical pain or numbness associated with a particular memory, emotion (for example anger), or situation (for example sex)
  • Rigid control of one’s thought process; humorlessness or extreme solemnity
  • Nervousness about being watched or surprised; feeling watched
  • Trust issues; inability to trust; trusting indiscriminately
  • High risk behaviors; inability to take risks
  • Boundary issues; control power, territorial issues; fear of losing control
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors
  • Guilt, shame; low self-esteem, feeling worthless, high appreciation of small favors by others
  • No sense of own power or right to set limits or say no
  • Pattern of relationships with much older persons (beginning in adolescence)
  • Blocking out part of childhood (especially ages 1-12), or specific person or place
  • Feeling of carrying an awful secret; urge to tell, fear of its being revealed
  • Certainty that no one will listen; feeling “marked” (”The Scarlet Letter”)
  • Feeling crazy; feeling different; feeling oneself to be unreal and everybody else to be real, or vice versa; creating fantasy worlds, relationships, or identities
  • Denial; no awareness at all; repression of memories; pretending
  • Sexual issues: sex feels “dirty”; aversion to being touched (especially in gynecological exam); strong aversion to or need for) particular sex acts; feeling betrayed by one’s body; trouble integrating sexuality and emotionality; compulsively “seductive” or compulsively asexual; must be sexual aggressor, or cannot be; impersonal, “promiscuous” sex with strangers concurrent with inability to have sex in an intimate relationship; sexual acting, acting out to meet anger or revenge needs; sexualizing of meaningful relationships. Note: Homosexuality is not an after effect.
  • Limited tolerance for happiness; reluctance to trust happiness